Cotswolds, UK, May 17-22

Luckley Holidays



Gloucester, GL 56 0RD, U.K.

Come and energize your heart in a five-day group retreat, led by two masters of heart awakening, Puran and Susanna Bair, co-founders of the IAM Heart, and co-authors of Follow Your Heart: The Map to Illumination, Living from the Heart, and Energize Your Heart.

In the Invincible Heart Seminar, Susanna Bair describes the four key parts of living from the heart:

  1. 1.Celebrate your life

  2. 2.Be vulnerable

  3. 3.Create what you love

  4. 4.Follow the voice of your heart

The way of the heart is both simple and incredibly profound. Come and explore these four pillars of heart-centered living in a wonderfully nurturing community of seekers on the path of the heart.

Puran and Susanna will teach the basics of Heart Rhythm Meditation, sound practices, and meditative practices of unity consciousness from many different traditions. This retreat is a wonderful way of understanding where you are now in the path of the heart, and taking the next step forward.

New Lebanon, NY, June 14-19

The Abode of the Message

5 Abode Rd.

New Lebanon, NY 12125

  1. 5/17    COTSWOLDS, UK

  2. 6/14    NEW LEBANON, NY

  1. 2/23    TUCSON, AZ

  2. 3/16    BOULDER, CO

  3. 3/23    YELLOW SPRINGS, OH

  4. 4/6      HARRISBURG, PA

  5. 4/13    CHICAGO, IL

  6. 4/27    EMPORIA, KS

  7. 5/4      BOSTON, MA

  8. 6/1      AUSTIN, TX


  10. 7/14    SACRAMENTO, CA